President, Francine Schutzman;
Vice President, Gary Morton;
Secretary-Treasurer, Robin Moir

Executive Board

Lance Elbeck
Mike Mullin
David Renaud
Sean Rice

Delegates to AFM Convention

Francine Schutzman
Robin Moir

President Emeritus

Glenn Robb


Office Staff

Administrative Officers:

Dan Blackwell

MPTF Coordinator: Glenn Robb

Website: Dave Poulin


Your officers and editorial staff conscientiously screen all advertising submitted to the eNewsHarp. However, we cannot assume responsibility for product quality or advertising content, nor can your officers be held accountable for misrepresentations between side persons and leader/contractors.

Local 180 publishes the eNewsHarp on-line four times a year. In an election year, we also publish an election issue for members.

President’s Message

Francine Schutzman

Bad News and Good News

As I write this, there is bad news and good news. The bad news is that Ottawa is being held captive by a conglomeration of demonstrators against various issues. Border crossings have been affected to the point that industries in both the US and Canada are crippled. I know personally people who have been threatened by demonstrators and whose lives have been disrupted. I hope that by the time you read this, the demonstrators have been removed, the NAC can open its doors, we can once more go downtown, and those truckers who are still trying to move goods have been allowed to. This has been a shameful chapter in Ottawa’s history. I would have wished for better ways for our city’s reputation to be known around the world than through the dissemination of this kind of unacceptable protest, but the example set here seems to be spreading faster than the Covid virus itself.

As for that virus, the good news is that we have some indications that Covid appears to be morphing into something that we live with rather than something that has wreaked havoc with our livelihoods and mental health and which has killed so many. Again, I have no idea what the situation will be by the time you read this, but we are all hoping for better times. We surely deserve them.

You may notice that this issue of the Harp contains information that appears to be geared towards our older members, but in fact it will affect all of us some day. Please read the letter from the Musicians’ Pension Fund. It may be news to you that pension contributions will no longer be able to be made for those over 71. This means that our Local office will not be making contributions for Robin and me (come on; you didn’t really think that we were still 39 years old, did you?), as well as for any casual employees in the Local office who are enjoying their golden years. This will a loss for the Fund, as those contributions went into the general account rather than having an impact on our own pensions, but there will be a corresponding gain in the Local’s bottom line. We will put that money aside in a contingency fund, something we have not been able to do for a few years now. We can add it to the Relief Fund if needed, but until that is the case we will save a bit of money for an especially rainy day. I believe that we have all learned that it is impossible to know what lies around the corner.


Rapport de la président

De bonnes et de mauvaises nouvelles


Au moment d’écrire ces lignes, je vous transmets de bonnes et de mauvaises nouvelles. La mauvaise nouvelle est qu’Ottawa est détenue en otage par un conglomérat qui manifeste contre divers enjeux. Des postes frontaliers ont été frappés à un tel point que des industries tant américaines que canadiennes sont paralysées. Je connais personnellement des personnes qui ont été menacées par des manifestants et dont la vie a été perturbée. À la lecture du présent article, j’espère que nous aurons été débarrassés des manifestants, que le CNA pourra ouvrir ses portes, que nous pourrons enfin retourner au centre-ville et que les camionneurs intéressés à transporter des produits seront autorisés à le faire. Cette expérience s’avère un chapitre honteux dans l’histoire d’Ottawa. J’aurais souhaité une meilleure façon de faire connaître notre ville partout au monde que de disséminer ce genre de protestation inacceptable, mais l’exemple donné ici semble se répandre plus rapidement que la Covid elle-même.

Pour ce qui est de ce virus, la bonne nouvelle est que certains indices nous portent à croire que la Covid semble se transformer en une expérience de vie plutôt que d’une expérience qui a ravagé nos moyens d’existence et notre santé mentale en plus d’avoir entraîné le décès de plusieurs. À nouveau, je n’ai aucune idée de l’état de la situation au moment de votre lecture du présent article, mais nous espérons tous des jours meilleurs. Nous les méritons certainement.

Vous remarquerez peut-être que le contenu du présent numéro du Harp s’adresse plutôt aux membres plus âgés, mais en réalité, il nous touchera tous un jour. Veuillez lire la lettre de la Caisse de retraite des musiciens. Vous ne saviez peut-être pas que les personnes de plus de 71 ans ne pourront plus effectuer des contributions de retraite. En conséquence, le bureau de la Section locale n’effectuera plus de contributions en mon nom ni en celui de Robin ( Allez, vous ne pensiez pas vraiment que nous avions encore 39 ans?), ni pour tout employé occasionnel du bureau de la Section locale ayant atteint l’âge d’or. Bien que ce changement représente une perte pour la Caisse, puisque les contributions étaient versées dans le compte général plutôt que d’avoir une incidence sur nos propres pensions, il entraînera un gain correspondant pour le résultat net de la Section locale. Nous investirons cet argent dans un fonds de prévoyance, chose que nous n’avons pu faire dans les dernières années. Nous pouvons l’ajouter au fonds de secours au besoin, mais tant que ce n’est pas le cas, nous économiserons un peu d’argent en cas d’imprévus. Je crois que nous avons tous appris qu’il est impossible de savoir ce qui nous attend au tournant.



Secretary Treasurer’s Message

Robin Moir

Dear Members

At the time of this writing, it looks like the downtown area is open for business once again and that COVID restrictions are being loosened. We hope to be in our new offices as of March 1, 2022, and we are looking forward to having many of you drop by. Our new offices are next door to our former set of rooms, so when you step out of the elevator on the third floor, we are the offices straight ahead. We have two office telephone numbers:

Office Cell (always on duty) – 613-235-3253.

Office Landline (Monday-Friday 10AM-4PM) – 613-567-0560.

Members are still welcome to call my cell any time they need information or assistance with anything at all….613-314-0841.

At a meeting of the International Executive Board (IEB) of the AFM on January 20, 2022, a motion was carried unanimously to adopt a resolution postponing the Federation’s 102nd Convention by one year, to June 2023.

Before this vote took place the IEB had asked the Vice President from Canada, Alan Willaert, along with Canada’s International Representative, Allistair Elliott, to poll Canadian Locals to see which officers, if any, had concerns about crossing the US border to attend the convention in Las Vegas. There was a high level of discomfort, and every Local but two suggested that the convention be postponed for this year. Francine and I did share these health concerns and so we voted to postpone if possible.

“The IEB determined the unpredictable and highly infectious nature of Covid and its variants to be an unacceptable risk to the health and safety of Convention delegates, Federation officers, staff and guests.

In addition, continuing governmental restrictions affecting international travel pose a further unacceptable risk for Canadian delegates.”

At a time when all Locals are endeavouring to maintain memberships and hopefully rebuild rosters to 2019 levels, the added costs of sending officers to the AFM convention this year was an impossibility for smaller Locals and challenging for all Locals.

President Ray Hair and International Secretary-Treasurer Jay Blumenthal announced that the 102nd AFM Convention will be rescheduled June 26 to 29, 2023.

The Executive Board of the Canadian Conference, of which I am a member, voted at their EB meeting to hold the Canadian Conference this year on the 12th, 14th and 16th of September 2022 via Zoom. The Canadian Conference in 2021 used the Zoom platform successfully.

Usually, the Canadian Conference’s election of officers takes place in the three days prior to the AFM Convention. Most Can Con officers have agreed to extend their term by one year until the 2023 election; however, this must be discussed with all Canadian delegates at the upcoming conference in September.

Francine has already mentioned the Relief Fund in her message, but I need to say that being able to help musicians during this time has been a gift, and I thank everyone who has kept it going.

When COVID reached the city in March of 2020 it was at the end of our 1st Quarter. We had had a good number of membership renewals and we were looking forward to a banner year. However, we were hit with a drastic loss of members in the 2nd and 3rd Quarters. With the help of the MPTF (Music Performance Trust Fund) we were able to get work for musicians with the Live-Stream series of concerts, gained a few members, and ended 2021 down 53%.

The Local has maintained constant communication with members throughout the pandemic, and at this moment in time we are down 18%. If the COVID numbers continue to decrease and venues can open to 100%, perhaps our next three Quarters will reflect that in our membership numbers.

I am announcing a Local 180 Free Video Day initiative, building upon our very successful Photo Day. We know that most bands and performers need content for their website, and the Local is no exception. We invite you to get your video shot free of charge at Studionine with Dave Poulin. Many of you will have shot your MPTF livestream with Dave. This is open to all members of the Local. We plan to exhibit your talents on our own website as well. The MPTF live-streams were wonderful, and the Local would like to offer musicians the opportunity once again. Leaders and band members will be asked to sign on to the Joint Venture Agreement, which protects groups from illegal use of the final product.

The process will be the same as with Photo Day. Leaders should contact Dave Poulin, Dan Blackwell, or me.

I am looking forward to seeing the incredible creativity of our Local 180 musicians!


Rapport de la secrétaire trésorière

Chers membres

Au moment de la rédaction du présent message, le centre-ville semble prêt à faire des affaires à nouveau et les restrictions COVID s’assouplissent. Nous espérons retourner à nos bureaux dès le 1er mars 2022, et nous avons hâte de vous accueillir en grand nombre. Nos bureaux sont voisins de nos anciennes pièces. En conséquence, lorsque vous quittez l’ascenseur au troisième étage, nos bureaux sont droit devant. Nous avons deux numéros de téléphone :

Le cellulaire du bureau (toujours en fonction) – 613-235-3253.

Le téléphone fixe du bureau (du lundi au vendredi de 10 h à 16 h) – 613-567-0560.
Les membres peuvent également me joindre sur mon cellulaire s’ils ont besoin de renseignements ou d’aide… 613-314-0841.

À la réunion du Conseil exécutif international (CEI), tenue le 20 janvier 2022, une motion a été adoptée à l’unanimité visant à reporter d’une année, soit à juin 2023, la 102e Convention de la Fédération.

Avant le vote, le CEI a demandé au vice-président du Canada, Alan Willaert, et au représentant international du Canada, Allistair Elliott, de réaliser un sondage auprès des sections locales canadiennes afin de savoir quels représentants, le cas échéant, étaient inquiets de traverser la frontière des États-Unis pour participer à la Convention tenue à Las Vegas. Le sondage a révélé un haut niveau d’inconfort, et toutes les sections locales sauf deux ont suggéré de reporter la Convention cette année. Francine et moi partagions aussi ces préoccupations sanitaires et en conséquence, nous avons voté de reporter si possible.

« Le CEI a déterminé que la nature imprévisible et extrêmement contagieuse de la COVID et de ses variants représente un risque inacceptable pour la santé et la sécurité des délégués, des représentants de la Fédération, du personnel et des invités à la Convention. »

De plus, les restrictions gouvernementales continues relatives aux voyages internationaux constituent un risque additionnel pour les délégués canadiens. »

À une époque où toutes les sections locales s’efforcent de conserver leurs membres et de rétablir les adhésions à ce qu’elles étaient en 2019, le coût additionnel d’envoyer des représentants à la Convention de l’AFM cette année semblait impossible pour les sections locales de moindre envergure, tout en étant un défi pour toutes les sections locales.

Le président, Ray Hair, et le secrétaire trésorier international, Jay Blumenthal, ont annoncé que la 102e Convention de l’AFM sera reportée et se tiendra du 26 au 29 juin 2023.

Lors de la dernière réunion du Conseil exécutif (CE) de la Conférence canadienne, dont je suis membre, le CE a voté de tenir la Conférence canadienne en mode zoom cette année, laquelle aura lieu les 12, 14 et 16 septembre 2022. L’édition 2021 de la Conférence canadienne a utilisé la plateforme zoom avec grand succès.

En règle générale, l’élection des représentants à la Conférence canadienne a lieu trois jours avant la Convention de l’AFM. La plupart des représentants ont accepté de prolonger leur mandat d’une année jusqu’à l’élection de 2023. Toutefois, cette question devra faire l’objet d’une discussion avec tous les délégués canadiens à la prochaine conférence en septembre.

Francine a déjà mentionné le fonds de secours dans son message, mais je dois dire que la possibilité d’aider des musiciens pendant cette période s’est avérée un cadeau, et je remercie toutes les personnes qui ont contribué à son maintien.

Lorsque la COVID a frappé la ville en mars 2020, c’était la fin de notre premier trimestre. Un bon nombre d’adhésions avaient été renouvelées et nous anticipions une année record. Cependant, nous avons subi une perte importante de membres dans le deuxième et le troisième trimestres. Avec l’aide du MPTF (Music Performance Trust Fund) nous avons réussi à trouver du travail pour des musiciens dans le contexte de la série de concerts Live-Stream (diffusés en direct), à ajouter quelques membres à notre liste et à terminer 2021 avec une baisse de 53 %.

La Section locale a maintenu une communication constante avec les membres tout au long de la pandémie, et à l’heure actuelle, nous inscrivons une baisse de 18 %. Si les chiffres liés à la COVID continuent de diminuer et que les salles ouvrent à 100 %, il est possible que le nombre de membres le reflète dans les trois prochains trimestres.

Nous annonçons l’initiative d’une journée de tournage vidéo gratuite pour la Section locale 180, prenant appui sur le grand succès de notre journée de prise de photos. Nous savons que la plupart des groupes et des artistes exécutants ont besoin de contenu pour leur site Web, et la Section locale ne fait pas exception. Nous vous invitons à tourner gratuitement votre vidéo d’un morceau, ou d’une brève compilation de morceaux (nous envisageons un maximum de 10 minutes), au Studionine avec Dave Poulin. Plusieurs ont déjà tourné une diffusion en direct du MPTF avec Dave. L’initiative est offerte à tous les membres de la Section locale. Nous prévoyons aussi souligner vos talents sur notre propre site Web. Les diffusions en direct du MPTF sont magnifiques, et la Section locale désire offrir cette possibilité aux musiciens encore une fois. Les chefs et les membres de groupes seront priés de signer l’accord de coentreprise (joint venture), lequel protège les groupes contre l’utilisation illégale du produit final.

Le processus sera le même que celui de la journée de prise de photos. Les chefs devraient communiquer avec Dave Poulin, Dan Blackwell, ou moi-même.

J’ai bien hâte de voir l’extraordinaire créativité des musiciens de notre Section locale 180!


A Conversation with Peter Haworth
By Francine Schutzman

Peter Haworth, the Chair of PAL Ottawa, wonders why, of 109 people who have asked to be put on the affordable-housing list for PAL Ottawa, only 12 are musicians.

Let’s back up a bit. We’ve written before about PAL in the Harp, but some of you may have forgotten what it’s all about. Here are some words from PAL itself:

“PAL Ottawa is an arts-loving, volunteer-driven, charitable organization that exists to help make the lives of local artists and arts workers more sustainable. We care for them so they can create art that enriches all our lives.”

“For a decade, we have been connecting Ottawa’s arts sector members with essentials, including assistance with housing, personal care services, links to the local arts scene, and arts programming. We actively lend a hand to arts workers in need of social connections and help with their daily living through our innovative Supporting Cast Program.”

There are PAL’s (Performing Artists’ Lodges) in Vancouver and Toronto. It has long been a desire of PAL Ottawa to have a place where older arts workers in the arts can live. (PAL in Ottawa references ‘friend’ and is inclusive of all arts disciplines as well as arts workers.) PAL Ottawa was faced with a need to raise a very large sum of money in order to construct a building — an extremely daunting venture. However, Ottawa Community Housing (OCH) offered PAL Ottawa a 20-year renewable block lease, which means that OCH itself is constructing the building. The residence will be located in the vibrant arts district of Preston/Gladstone/Rochester, as part of the Rochester Heights Project, and within walking distance of Little Italy, Chinatown, parks, recreation facilities, and the Gladstone Theatre. It will be close to the new Corso Italia LRT station.

The building itself is a passive design and will pursue net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, and it will be a real showplace for OCH. You can do a virtual tour online at Again, in PAL’s own words:

“With the support of our community, PAL Place will be a non-profit, mixed-income home and creative environment. (It) will be home to a remarkable, vibrant community inspired by the creativity and passion of the people who make it their home. Residents will include actors, musicians, singers, dancers, designers, directors, writers, visual artists, technicians, arts administrators, and more.”

“PAL Place will welcome retired and working artists over the age of 55. Our 80+ modern apartments will comprise bachelor, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and one four-bedroom units providing housing for Ottawa’s arts and culture community. ‘PAL Place’ plans to offer a minimum of 40% of units at below-market rates. Rental rates will be offered at 80% of average market rents and plan to be further discounted through the success of our fundraising campaign.”

It is difficult at this point, given the current shortage of building supplies and workers in various sectors, to pinpoint an actual date for completion of the residence, but the projected time frame is early 2024. The PAL building in Vancouver, with 110 rental units, was constructed at a time when such things were more affordable. Their equity in that building is allowing them to add another 66 units, which further points to the need for such places. The Toronto residence has a five-year waiting list. So why not put yourself on the PAL Ottawa list? You don’t have to move in when your name reaches the top of the list if you are not ready to do so, but you’ll have a form of insurance policy when you do need to move.

To learn more about this affordable housing project, check out the following links:

New OCH building to provide housing for 55+ arts workers


Monday, March 14th @ 12:30 p.m. from your place 


If you know ahead of time that you’re attending, please notify so he can send out the past meeting’s  minutes for your review.

Supply your own lunch.

Relief Fund Alive and Well

The Relief Fund established by Local 180 to help those musicians most greatly affected by the pandemic raised an astounding $62,661.74, thanks to the generous donations made by our own members, with a special shout-out to the musicians of the NAC Orchestra. Of that amount, $53,950.00 has been disbursed to our members, leaving a balance of $8,551.74. We plan to maintain the Relief Fund and to add to it. The pandemic may possibly be easing up, but its effects will linger for a long time, and one never knows what is around the corner. So here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

If you need assistance, or if you are aware of a fellow member who needs it, send a message to Robin. We do not ask those who need funds to justify the need or tell us what they will be used for. We assume that if you ask for help, you genuinely need it.

If you are in a position to do so, please contribute to the fund. You might need to tap into it some day yourself.

 . . . . . from our homes to yours:



This is a golden opportunity to attend a Local 180 General Meeting if you
haven’t been able to do so in the past because of distance or work.


Monday, MARCH 14th, 12:30 PM


If you know ahead of time that you’re attending,
please notify so he can send out the past meeting’s  minutes for your review.


1. Download the Zoom app if you don’t already have it.
2. Send Robin or Dan an email to confirm your attendance.
3. Wait breathlessly to receive an email with the meeting ID number and password.
4. When the meeting time arrives, simply click on the link in the email.
Special instructions: Bring your own pizza.







With the support of the friends, family and fans of the membership of the Musicians’ Association of Ottawa-Gatineau, the Local established this fund to assist the music community impacted so deeply by the pandemic. It is a fund created by musicians for musicians. For more information email:


The Unison Benevolent Fund’s mission is to help professional music-makers in times of hardship, illness or economic difficulties. Unison provides a vital lifeline for members of the Canadian music community; and due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for Unison’s counselling and emergency relief services has never been greater.

Unison Benevolent Fund CLICK HERE


SOCAN Foundation announces the launch of the SOCAN Foundation Relief Fund for SOCAN members during the COVID-19 pandemic. “While SOCAN members are quarantining, the SOCAN Foundation offers this program to provide some financial support to music creators and publishers to get through these unprecedented times. This new fund is open to all SOCAN members who have earned more than $500 in royalties in the four most recent SOCAN distributions.


Over the years many of our members have turned to the Actors’ Fund of Canada, which has been in existence since 1958 and disburses over $500,000 annually to cover necessities for members of all the many and various trades and professions that make up the entertainment industry, including musicians. Common requests include: Rent or mortgage, Grocery costs, Medical costs, Emergency dental costs, Utility bills Dues (maximum of one year’s worth of dues; no initiation fees)

Childcare expenses

Support for individuals

Support for Independent production companies

We are creating the Short-Term Compensation Fund initiative to compensate independent production companies for the lack of insurance coverage for COVID-19–related filming interruptions and production shutdowns in the sector.The fund will make as much as $50 million available for the industry.

Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB)

The CRB provides $500 per week for up to 26 weeks for workers who have stopped working or had their income reduced by at least 50% due to COVID-19, and who are not eligible for Employment Insurance (EI).

Employer Payroll Service:

When the services of an Employer Payroll Service are required, that fee will be calculated at 25% of each contract total.

This amendment reflects what is happening on a national level.


Garcia, Vicente
Mccombe, Pauline
Monfils, Pierre
Moody, Lisa
Pan, Sophia
Richards, Kailey
Thomas, Corey

New Members

Allston, Andrew – Guitar Tech, Sound Engineer
Anker, Lauren – Horn
Baik, David – Violin
Hucal, Katherine – Alto, Tenor, Saxophone
Laurenceson, Megan – Vocalist
McLeod, Marlayah – Vocalist, Piano
Shiner, Kira Oboe – English Horn
Uhino, Minako – Organ, Carillon



Our new mailing address is:

The Musicians’ Association of Ottawa-Gatineau
Local 180
280 Metcalfe Street, Suite 301
Ottawa, ON K2P 1R7

2AFM ID Numbers

Dear Members,

For the purposes of filing contracts, the Musicians’ Pension Fund of Canada has done a great deal of work to protect the privacy of members in terms of SIN numbers. Canadian Locals are now permitted to use an AFM ID number in lieu of a SIN number on all contracts.

When sending funds from the Local 180 office, we will require you to know your AFM ID number.

Beginning in January this year, the office has included your AFM ID number on your membership dues receipt, which you received in the mail.

You may also go to and register there to obtain your AFM ID number and update any information. The good thing about registering on the site is that when you update your personal information, it is also received in the office so that we are current. 

Upcoming Local 180 General Meetings in 2021

Monday, MARCH 14, 2022 – ON-Line VIA ZOOM

June 13, 2022 – 12:30 PM

September 19, 2022 – 12:30 PM

December 12, 2022 – 12:30 PM


Monday to Friday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Attention Members!!!

Due to popular demand members may now pay membership dues using E-Mail Transfer using the email address

Once we process the transfer, we will send you an electronic receipt.


If you are planning to file contracts electronically in 2022, please use
our new e-mail address:

Thank you!



Do we have your current email address?

The Local 180 Office sends out important advisories to members by email and we want to make sure that you’re reachable. This year the Local will also be paying most musicians using E-Transfer and Direct Deposit, so we MUST have your correct e-mail address.

Please notify the office of any changes to your contact information. Include your phone number, home address and email address.

Call (613)700-9260 to make sure that we have your correct contact information.


A person who has been expelled from our Association is no longer a member of the Association or the AFM. Members and leaders are reminded:

Do not play engagements with non-members. Persons are generally expelled for serious violations of our Constitution and Bylaws. Expulsion is not a life sentence; the individual has the right to settle these matters with the Board and regain member status. But until that step has been taken, we urge leaders and members not to give non-member rights and privileges which belong only to members.


YEARLY DUES – $217.00

HALF-YEAR DUES – $110.00


YEARLY DUES – $110.00


Next Deadline for Membership Dues JUNE 30, 2021





Your business is music to our ears.

You spend hours perfecting your talent and invest in equipment which allows you to express it.

HUB International is in-tune with your needs and has you covered.

· All-risks’ coverage on your instruments and equipment
· Worldwide coverage
· Rental Reimbursement — up to $10,000 in coverage, if you need to rent instruments or equipment in the event of a loss
· $100 deductible per occurrence on instruments and equipment
· Commercial General Liability including bodily injury, property damage, medical payments tenants legal liability and non-owned automobile
· Up to $2,500 coverage on promotion material, T-shirts, CD’s, posters, etc.
· Loss of earnings up to $5,000 due to loss or damage to venue
· Loss of earning up to $5,000 due to loss or damage to equipment
· Rented, Leased or Borrowed Equipment, $10,000 limit up to 14 consecutive days

· $2 rate per $100 sum insured for Instruments and Equipment
· Liability rates ($500 deductible):
o $1,000,000 limit – $60 per member
o $2,000,000 – $115 per member
o Higher limits available upon request

Cristina Omar| | 519-325-1785 | TF: 800-463-4700
Musicians’ Instrument
Equipment Liability
Specifically for
CFM / AFM members